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This Is What It’s Like To Eat 61-Year-Old Military Rations, Including Peanut Butter

Steven Thomas is a military history buff who’s been eating the contents of old food ration packs for the last six years as a way of fully immersing himself in the experience of a normal soldier.

Recently he got ahold of two very rare B-unit cans from a Korean War-era RCI food ration pack — that’s 61-year-old food! Not only are these packs quite hard to find, but they are also incredibly expensive. The ready-to-eat meal cans include blackberry jelly, crackers, cocoa, and peanut butter.

As upsetting as 61-year-old peanut butter might sound, the most horrifying part of the video is the blackberry jelly that had leaked after all the years. The peanut butter, as it turns out, was actually so good, he ate half the can!

“I don’t have health insurance,” was not what I wanted to hear from a man who eats incredibly old military rations.

His realization that he’s probably snacking on the oldest peanut butter ever eaten was great though.

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