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My First Car Accident

My First Car Accident

What's up everybody, Rob Ferretti here and and today I am going to talk about the statistic that most accidents happen within 30 miles of where you live. Now I am one of those statistics. Look at that. That's my Chevy Volt.

Of all cars, that's the one I would have, uh, pushed in front of the bus. Uh, Luckily I had my dashcam rolling so I can share it with you guys and that really wasn't the intention but uh, it's just a side effect and a learning lesson that everyone should have a dash cam. So let me explain a little bit as to what happened. Uh, I was driving down my street, there was 2 cars in the right side of the road, the one car pulled up, the other car, decided it was going the other way and ripped a U-turn.

And the problem is he didn't rip his U-turn until I was a car length and a half behind him And at that point in time I was the U-turn. And you get this Uh 17 year old kid probably his firs hopefully his first accident And He couldn't hit a more understanding guy He's young, he learned a lesson And this will serve as a teaching moment for you guys. And what did we learn here? First off the statistic that most of the accidents happen within 30 miles of your house is bullshit! Cause most of your driving is done within 30 miles of your house I guarantee you people are much worse of and much more likely to be in an accident When their driving somewhere else that their unfamiliar with how ever they don't drive there very often so statically most of the bumper cars happens right around where you live and, thats what we got here Uh, lets take a look at the car I'll show you the damage and I'll talk you through the actual dash cam so I mean it's all obviously right here uh, the washer fluid leaked out all over the road uh, so it's gonna need a new bumper probably a new hood new headlight and new fender pretty much it's actually more significant then I thought uhh The hood is gonna have to be replaced fender is going to have to be replaced this is ripped that's going to have to be replace Uh, little mark on the wheel there. Then this is bowed in.

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And then the worst part is it sorta got pushed back a little bit so now it pinches there and the door doesn't open but whenever you make a mess you clean up after yourself so, uh I broug brought back all the little bits and pieces to throw away so their not sitting in the street uh, legitimately happened like on the street in which I live so um luckily the kid, it didn't do it on purpose it's a learning lesson I felt bad, I didn't want want to make a police report or at least i didn't make a police report uh just because he was a friend of the neighbor and uh ultimately he had the police come over anyway and do a report just properly to make sure that I wasn't going to claim injury or something like that "clears throat" And anyway lets uh lets do the break down portion of this lets uh lets brake down the accident and   I'll show you exactly where he went wrong and how you can avoid doing this and how I don't believe I could have avoided this accident no matter what I did I see the cars there, I know their both there I see the one pull off I assume the other guy was going to pull in front of me or wait for me to pass when I saw him not moving I assumed he was going to wait for me to pass that's why I. I sort of went to the center of the road at that point in time he had just Evil Kanevilled across the road and committed to it and now I pulled to the I pulled to the left to try to avoid him thinking that all he would have to do is see me at any point in time he could hit the brakes and we both be like whooo, that was close umm he just he just kept on the power and ah he kept on the power right in to the front uh the front of the car here and such is life uh, no injures uh good learning lesson now this if anything reminds you why you should have a dash cam in your car a dash cam I wouldn't have had the footage of this otherwise uh, a dash cam is always running, there's tons of them uh available I've, I've got the Aukey one that was actually in the car uhh which they sent me as a demo uh, I've used Papago before but go out and get a dash cam it doesn't cost anything It's $50, $100 dollars $150 dollars and it's just it's not needed most of the time but that one time you actually need it it's worth it's weight in gold so Volt is down my guess It's probably about $3500.00 Bucks umm for that, right there "odd mouth noise" there so, uh that's my guess $3500.00 Bucks hopefully I'll get it back in a week or so but it's not entirely drivable my lights, uh maybe, I don't know it is sort of drivable I'll get it to the body shop and, I will keep you guys in the loop uh, there it is I could have click baited the **** out of you with this one like oh my *** Rob Ferretti an accident shockie face emoji not doing that but if you cared, Volt was in an accident and I showed it to you thank you guys for watching subscribe to the channel if you want to see more and I will catch you next time.

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