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Insurance InformationHow to Reduce Car Insurance Payments

Insurance InformationHow to Reduce Car Insurance Payments

Hi, my name's Seann McWhorter, I'm the agency
principal of Insure Right Insurance Agency located in Lehi, Utah. Today we're talking
about insurance ins and outs, and specifically how to reduce car insurance premiums. There
are many things that you can do to reduce your auto insurance payment. Where to begin
— there's just so, there's a lot.

Well, the first thing that you want to do is ask
your insurance agent or insurance company for all the discounts that you could possibly
be eligible for. There are several different discounts, from safe drivers to good student
discounts if you're going to school full time. There are defensive driver courses that if
you've taken you can qualify for a discount. There are discounts for insuring your home
or your renters insurance with the same company that you purchase your auto insurance from.
There are discounts for having multiple cars insured with the same company.

There are discounts
for being a good driver, for living longer than other people. There are senior citizen
type discounts available as well. There are discounts for paying the premium in full,
if you have a six month or an annual policy, if you pay the whole amount up front, that
can often save you money as well. Many companies today are offering automatic checking withdrawal
for your auto insurance.

This usually will save you a great deal on your payments as
well. I highly recommend looking into that as well. Look at yourself. Make sure that
you're a safe driver.

Avoid driving over the speed limit. As you get moving violations
for speeding or illegal turns or whatever the ticket may be, those will eventually increase
your auto insurance premiums. So being a safe driver, being a courteous driver, definitely
will help you in the long run keeping your insurance premiums down. If you happen to
have a claim or an accident, sometimes it makes sense to discuss with your agent whether
it would make sense to turn that claim in.

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Oftentimes the insurance company would be
paying out a very small amount on that claim, and where that claim automatically would raise
your rates. So sometimes it makes sense to pay for those claims out of your own pocket.
In the long run it will save you money. That's one of the advantages of having an insurance
agent is to discuss those things with them..

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