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Car InsuranceTips on Buying Car Insurance

Car InsuranceTips on Buying Car Insurance

You're thinking about buying car insurance,
and you're wonderin' hey, are there any tips out there that could help me save money on
my car insurance; absolutely. My name is James, with The Resurgence Group. We're a full service
insurance agency, and we specialize in car insurance. The biggest tip is to make sure
you go and visit with your, either your existing agent, or an agent that's in your town or
your neighborhood.

Those are the professionals, and those are the people that could absolutely
help you save money on your car insurance. There are a lot of different types of policies,
limits, and deductibles that will determine the premium. So, when you're sitting down
with that professional just explain to them your budget, how much money you're willing
to spend each month, and then they can design a program around that budget, because you
have different things such as property damage, uninsured motorist, bodily injury, comp, or
collision. All of these build premium into that policy, and if you take em' out of course
it's going to be less premium, but it's not necessarily the smartest thing to do, because
you want to make sure that you're properly insured in the event that you do have an accident.
If you've got a vehicle that is of substantial value, well you want to make sure that you've
got comp and collision so that at least you'll get past your deductible, and then the carrier
will pay for that premium.

So again, the biggest tip is go see an agent. Sit down with them,
and make sure that you give them all the information necessary so that they can determine the best
policy for the best premium. My name is James, with The Resurgence Group. We specialize in
auto insurance, and we do this every day.

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And we have a lot of clients that come into
our office and sit down with us, and we design a policy around their financial needs..

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