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Car insurance. Without the B.S.

Car insurance. Without the B.S.

Hey, you know what nobody's ever said, like, ever? Man, I LOVE my car insurance company. That's because they all suck. So you're buying insurance, right? Filling out about a trillion different form fields, literally page after page after page. Now, how many of these questions have to do with oh, I don't know, your ACTUAL driving ability? That's a big fat zero.

Let's be real. There's only one reason they ask these questions to put you in some arbitrary category. And once they box you in there, it doesn't really matter whether you're a good driver or not because when your neighbor Mr Too Fast Too Reckless, crashes into the drive-thru at 2:00 a.M., Well, who's going to wind up paying for that? That's right. YOU are.

That's how car insurance has worked for decades. And the insurance companies don't care what you think about it. Because the old system works just fine. FOR THEM.

I mean, that's the thing, right? You don't have a choice. You need car insurance. It is literally illegal to drive without it. But the insurance companies don't have to care about fair because they have all the power and all the control.

Well, that is B***S***! Isn't anybody out there doing things differently? Well yeah, there's Root Insurance. Root cares about that oh-so-rare concept in the insurance industry. Fairness. Instead of basing your rate solely on these – it charges you primarily based on one thing How.

You. Drive. Crazy, right? You just download an app and drive around for a few weeks. Then Root's artificial intelligence runs the numbers.

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Since Root doesn't insure guys like Speedy McLeadfoot over here you don't pay for their accidents. When you get your personalized quote, it could be up to 52% less than what you're paying now. And the whole experience is totally modern. No massive pages of questions.

Just a streamlined process right through the app. They'll even cancel your old policy. It's how insurance should be. So seriously, stop settling.

Download the Root app. And get car insurance without the B***S***.

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