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Car Insurance 5 Tips for Getting the Best Rate by EverQuote

Car Insurance 5 Tips for Getting the Best Rate by EverQuote

Hello! Im Ashley from EverQuote.Com. Before
we get started, dont forget to subscribe. Today, were going to give you five tips
for getting the best rate on your car insurance. There are ways for you to get a good, comprehensive
auto insurance policy, while also paying a low rate for your coverage.

1. Keep Your Driving Record Clean Avoid speeding tickets or any other type of
reckless driving infraction. And remember, no texting or talking while driving! The longer
you keep your driving record clean, the better your insurance premium is likely to become. 2.

Dont Let Other People Drive Your Car. By letting other people drive your vehicle,
you increase the risk of an accident. Multiple drivers create more riskand more risk raises
the cost of car insurance. Ensure that you are the sole driver of your vehicle to keep
your auto insurance premium lower.

3. Pay Your Auto Insurance Premium Annually. The way you pay your premium can actually
affect how much you pay for your coverage. Your insurer will charge more administrative
fees if you pay more frequently.

A one-time annual payment is the way to go. 4. Dont File Small Claims on Your Policy. Filing a lot of small claims against your
policy will likely make your premium go up.

Submitting claims that only exceed your policys
deductible by a small amount doesnt make sense. 5. Pay Your Bills On Time to Keep Your Credit
Score High. Your credit score does impact your car insurance

Over the past several years, auto insurers have correlated your risk as a driver
with your credit history. In the eyes on an insurer, if youre not responsible in paying
your bills on time, you might not be a responsible driver. Therefore, its important to ensure that
you keep bills paid on timeand that you stay out of bankruptcyto keep your credit
score high. If your credit score improves over time, your auto insurance premium could

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Dont be afraid to get a new quote if your credit score has recently changed,
you may be happily surprised by the result! Thanks for watching and head on over to EverQuote.Com
to see how much you could save..

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