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And THIS Is Exactly Why You Should Always Pay Attention To Signs. OMG.

I just tried to Google “how many signs do we see on average per day?” to hit you with a brilliant fact. But nothing turned up, so I’m just going to say we see a billion every day because it seems that way. But regardless, some of them stand out above the rest because they’re so eye-catching that you can’t miss them. But in the case of these 17 signs, they’re so straightforward, in-your-face perfectly constructed words of warning, that you have no choice but to obey them. Just look.

1. Urine danger? … oh, I see what you did there.

2. OK.

3. But our trunky friends would fit so nicely. :'(

4. Don’t be like Norman.

5. I can’t wait to hear what they have to offer!

6. Tempting, but I’ll pass for now.

7. Take it from my life insurance.

8. What’s there to Beware about? I’m definitely staying for this.

9. That sounds fair.

10. The first thing I touch is the thing that says Do Not Touch. So I’m torn.

11. I can’t blame this person. I’m on their side.

12. But it looks so appetizing.

13. I think I’ll turn around.

14. Laxatives? Aisle 5? Thanks.

15. The sign is completely unnecessary.

16. What.

17. And that is why you don’t steal watermelons.

If you don’t share this post, urine danger.

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